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PAT testing in Devon

We are NICEIC approved for all your PAT testing needs

A portable appliance is classed as any piece of equipment which can be connected to the supply by means of a plug and socket arrangement (be it 13-amp or any other). It must be maintained to be safe at all times. Testing of portable appliances is also referred to as pat testing, P.A.T. or simply PAT.

Visual inspection

Firstly we carry out a visual inspection of the appliance checking:

  • The Flex. We check to see it is in good condition and is free from cuts, fraying or damage
  • The Plug. We check that the cable is tight and secure and that there are no signs of overheating and it is free from cracks or damage. We also check that the plug has been wired correctly and the terminal screws are tight
  • The Appliance. We check the appliance for signs of cracks and damage to the casing

Testing the appliance

Then, subject to the appliance passing the visual inspection, we connect it to the PAT Tester which checks:

  1. Earth Continuity
  2. Insulation Resistance
  3. Polarity – Power leads only

The results

Each appliance is then labelled with a PASS/FAIL vinyl label and the results are logged. Each item has its own unique asset register number.

Testing IT equipment

Due to the delicate nature of IT equipment, a reduced current is applied to these appliances.

Any appliance that fails the test will be brought to your attention.

Test results

Having completed testing, the results are presented in a report which includes the following: –

  • Asset Register (inventory of all items tested)
  • Test Data (details and result readings of all tests carried out on each appliance)
  • Failure Sheet (a listing of any failures encountered, showing reason for failure)
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